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The Board of Recommendation

The European Investment Council (EIC) is supported by a board of recommendation.

(in alphabetical order)

Mr. W. van der Camp
Former member of the European Parliament and chair for the China delegation

Mr. L.M.L.H.A. Hermans
Former chairman Greenport Holland, former Member of the Dutch Senate
Former Minister of Education, Culture and Science

Ms. M.J.A. van der Hoeven
Non-excecutive director of TOTAL (Paris) since 2016
Former Minister of Education, Culture, Science
Former Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy
Former Executive Director of IEA (International Energy Agency)

Mr.J. ten Hoopen
Former Vice President of the Second Chamber of the Netherlands Parliament

Mr. J. Kamminga
Former Chairman FME-CWM, the Netherlands Association of companies in the field of metal, electrical and environmental technologies

Mr A. Oostra
Former Dutch ambassador to the People's Republic of China

Mr. C. Trojan
Former Secretary General of the European Commission, member of the Netherlands Energy Council and of the Advisory Council on International Affairs

Mr. M. J. Varekamp
Former Chairman Chamber of Commerce, The Hague

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